WEB 3.0 Messaging and Blockchain-enabled Conversations
Pravica products are based on the decentralized identities that are secured on the Bitcoin network, this is how your identity is super secured, owned and controlled by you, and only you.
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Take your private messaging on the go! Available on iOS
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Data privacy is much more than just compliance
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.BTC domains are registered through a smart contract on Stacks Blockchain, secured by Bitcoin. This smart contract implements a decentralized name registry written in Clarity language. Ownership of every .BTC name is represented in a hash of the Bitcoin blockchain.
All authentication is done via Blockchain which completely eliminates the possibility for any human or machine access to any kind of data. Pravica users don't have accounts they have their own decentralized identities, where every single communication activity is encrypted by users' own keys.
Our data storage layer combines transactions into immutable time-stamped 'blocks' and locks each block in via advanced asymmetric cryptography — making your data completely tamper-proof. Traceability of changes is tied to digital signatures for complete proof and visibility into the data lifecycle.
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My organization wants to use Pravica, but I need to keep my company's decentralized ID branded, how can I do that?
Our tamper-proof Blockchain Naming System (BNS) allows corporates to establish a branded decentralized identity system utilizing Identity Management Blockchain technology. Every employee can have a unique ID with their personal name and the company name in such format: EmployeeName.CompanyName.id.
I am not familiar with Cryptocurrencies; how can I pay for the smart contract function?
We believe that Cryptocurrencies are still in their early days, that's why not all users are aware of it. We've developed a special payment gateway to help new users by accepting fiat money (dollars, euro, etc.) and can convert it back to STX tokens that are required to use any smart contract functionalities.
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Truly End-To-End encrypted WEB 3.0 messaging with self-custody decentralized identity and blockchain-enabled conversations.
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