A unified communication suite that meets WEB 3.0 standards and uses Blockchain technology to empower user privacy and security.

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What We Do ?

Pravica has created one of the world’s first truly private and secure communication platforms. Say goodbye to data breaches, privacy scandals, and unwanted marketing.

One-Stop Shop

A single platform unifies all communication tools (incl. Email, chat, calls, video, etc.) and lets the user take back control.

Total Security

You own and control your data, no one else can access it, monetize it, or otherwise use it, not even us

Full Encryption

All of your pieces of information is fully encrypted (End-to-End by user-owned encryption keys).

Crypto Payment

One-Click Crypto payment integration and invoice collection using BTC lightning technology and Stacks tokens.

No More Spam

Approve who can email you, chat with you and call you. Pravica empowers the user-owned Internet.

Corporate Integration

Enterprise-enabled to guarantee a highly secure internal communication inside your corporation.

Safeguard Your Identity & Communication

Pravica enables you to encrypt all your communication (Emails, chat, voice calls, video calls, conferences, etc.) and keep your information private and secured in a decentralized network using the power of Blockchain technology. This means that all your personal information and communication activities will be kept private and no one can sell your personal data to a third party.

  • User-owned identity, not an account owned by others.
  • User-owned encryption keys.
  • Decentralized storage layer.
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Military standards in information security and data privacy, NOW available for your corporation.

This lack of awareness is a concern. Even basic training doesn't offer the potential to prevent employees from falling victim to phishing attacks. The rise of impersonation fraud is a very concerning issue for small and medium-sized businesses. We know that falling victim to these types of scams can be serious as the impact extends beyond just the financial implications. Pravica helps corporations protect their private information by providing them with a complete communication suite for their employees (Emails, chat, voice calls, video calls, conferences, etc.) that raises the level of information security and data privacy to military standards.

  • A brand based decentralised Identity system.
  • All-In-One communication suite.
  • Cloud-based or self-hosted capabilities.
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Reshape the cloud computing to meet WEB 3.0 standards.

Social media platforms and cloud computing have led to massive personal data collection by big data giants, leading to user privacy concerns. Pravica is reshaping the way we use cloud computing in terms of user privacy and security.

  • Independent of the cloud provider.
  • Data is owned and controlled by users, not by service providers.
  • Powered by smart contract capabilities.
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Choose The Pricing Plan

Pravica makes money from the services we offer to our clients, not from selling their data.


$ 0 /mo

Use your Blockstack ID to protect your privacy and use all Pravica tools for free. Your storage will be limited to the free GAIA storage supported by every Blockstack ID. We believe in privacy, this is why we are committed to keeping it forever free.

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$ 2.99 /mo

If you have started to use the free plan and your usage has increased to the level that the free GAIA is not enough for you, then the standard plan is for you. Enjoy fully encrypted storage up to 25 GB.

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$ 4.99 /mo

In need of more storage and want to build your own network where you can enjoy Pravica services in a fully isolated environment? ,The premium plan is the best choice then. Enjoy 50 GB of fully encrypted storage with self-managed nodes.

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Fully isolated communication environment, associated with a branded decentralized identity management system for your employees, Cloud-based or self-hosted capabilities as per the corporate size.

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Can I use Pravica to send an Email to any normal Email address?

At the time being, you will not be able to send to any normal Email address in order to keep your information private and secured. Technically speaking, Pravica is a WEB 3.0 application and it works differently than any Email service providers at the protocol level. Enabling communication with normal email addresses will necessarily expose user data and thus violates our privacy standards.

I want to use Pravica ,but I need to keep my company's brand in the IDs, how can I do it?

Pravica has developed a service to enable corporates to establish a branded decentralised identity system based on the Blockstack naming system (BNS) which means that every employee at your company will hold an identity that reflects the company name. For example, john.pravica.id refers to the identity address for John who works at Pravica. Applying the same concept, you will be able to keep your brand with IDs formatted as employeeName.companyName.id

Is the free plan available for a limited time only, or it will be forever free?

Pravica strongly believes that user privacy is a foundational basic human right, this is why we are committed to offering the free version.

I am not aware of Cryptocurrencies, how can I pay for the smart contract functionality?

We believe that Cryptocurrencies are still in their early days, this is why not all users aware of it. This is why we have developed a special payment gateway to help new users by accepting fiat currency (ie dollar, euro, etc) and convert back to the STX token required to use any functionality based on smart contract capability.

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We are excited to guide you into the new era of communication. Take back your privacy.